WCM’S Historic “Bugazon” Heads Back to Baja

WCM’S Historic “Bugazon” Heads Back to Baja

Jeff Quinn, owner of McKenzie’s Performance Products stopped by recently driving this awesome Baja. Owned by Lorenzo Pearson of West Coast Metric, the machine has quite a history dating back to the earliest days of the Baja 1000 and the famous Trans Amazon Ralley Raid” circa 1989. It was in that historic Amazonian race that WCM’s amazingly well prepared Bugazon placed 1st in class and 11h overall after nearly 900 torturous miles of racing through the bad lands of South America. But more on the car and its prowess later. What is interesting is that Bugazon has been brought out of retirement and Lorenzo and Quinn will once again be taking on all comers in this years Baja 1000. Here’s a quick note that I received from Lorenzo’s son Scott. It provides some insight into the challenges Bugazon is attacking with it’s legendary “balls to the wall, take no prisoners” attitude. This is one Bad Baja and in the hands of 2 of the most experienced, respected and fiercest off road competitors, to once again trounce the competition.

Subject: Mexican 1000 Rally Race
Info For All My Crazy Car Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

Me and a friend, Jeff Quinn will be Racing my Bugazon 1964 Baja Bug Convertible in the 1st Vintage Off Road Race Called the “Mexican 1000 Rally” starting at 8:00 am from the town of Mexicali on April 28, 2010 and Finishing in the town of La Paz Mexico on May 1st 2010. We will cover at least 978 Miles in three days of racing. You can go to the race web suite now @ www.MEXICAN1000.com to see all the contestants list, maps, three day schedule etc. This Mexican Off Road Race/Rally is the First ever featuring vintage Mexican 1000 old race cars. The requirements to enter is that your car had to of raced in the Baja 1000 from the first one held in 1967 thru 1989 only. My son Scott and I raced in the 1000 in November 1989 with the Bugazon a year after completing the 8900 Mile “Trans Amazon Rallye Raid” Race in south America and finished 1st in class and 11th overall.

The Bugazon car and four others were also chosen and have been fitted with an advanced race car tracking system so anyone can see our progress on the web during the three days. You can go to their suite @ www.racetheworld.net and create your pass word etc. and then go into the race tracking system and we are car #51. This will give you our current Position on the race course, our Speed, present Direction, and if we are On the Wheels or Upside Down, Stopped etc. This will all be carried LIVE in real time… Cool Huh! In addition to all the car preparation I’m doing I have been scheduled to do a one hour radio show this Sunday April 18, from 7-8pm pst on KCBQ AM 1170 “intelligent talk radio” called SOCAL Off Road Radio in San Diego. It can be heard on the web @ https://kcbq.townhall.com/ I am the only guest. Say it ain’t SO. We are planning and Praying for a safe race and return to the USA……….

Lorenzo Pearson Semper Fi and Never Lift!