NEW Rancho/PBS Solid Rod Shift RD4

NEW Rancho/PBS Solid Rod Shift RD4

Rancho Performance Transaxles has just announced they will now offer the formidable PBS RD-4 transaxles assembly in both cable and solid rod shift layouts. Designed as a cost effective, high performance transaxle for use in off road and sand cars each RD-4 is custom built to order. The RD-4’s unique H-pattern cable shift models feature a unique H-pattern and adapt easily to mid or rear engine cars by while the solid rod design fulfills requirements of traditional hockey stick applications.

RD-4 main case is precision cast and machined from the strongest aircraft quality A356 aluminum. Shaft centers are a full 85 mm apart allowing for the use of substantially larger bearings and gear sets and the rugged reverse gears feature a larger diameter 3-piece design.

Output flanges are available for 930 and 934/935 CV joints with heavy duty Dana 60 differential. Gear placement remains standard as are the durable 9310 chromoly steel 6-lug dog rings. 18-spline input shaft is machined from 300 M steel.

Internal shifter mechanism incorporates a reverse lockout feature which prevents selecting both reverse and a forward gear simultaneously. Putting the gearbox in neutral with the 4 speed selector allows reverse to be engaged with the separate lever. When reverse is disengaged the forward gears may be engaged in any order. When in any forward gear reverse may not be engaged. All new RD-4s are supplied with a custom designed shift handle. Pricing for the cable version is $7995.00 (cables not included), and the hockey stick model retails for $8145.00. Rancho’s PBS RD-4 provides exceptional strength, reliability and durability for the all around dirt/sand enthusiast. Call Rancho direct at 714-680-6737 and be sure to visit them at