Longer Lasting Fuchs with Petroleum Jelly

Longer Lasting Fuchs with Petroleum Jelly

Most people do not know that Porsche recommended that you apply petroleum jelly to your anodized Fuch wheels a few times a year in order to protect the anodizing and rim. Anodizing was applied to the rims at the factory in order to protect the polished aluminum, and it can “cloud” when exposed to road and brake grime, or most wheel cleaners (which tend to be harsh).

It’s a very simple process:

1. Clean the wheel – a gentle car wash soap is all you should need. (Note the period correct Michelin XWX 185-15 tire).

2. Apply a thin coat to the anodizing on the polished wheel surfaces.

3. Buff petroleum jelly off with a soft cloth, turning it several times in order to expose a fresh area of the cloth.

4. Apply a coat of wax to the black, painted wheel surfaces.

Viola – longer lasting Fuchs!

P.S. This does not apply if your wheels are blinged-out via chroming or polishing (without anodizing).