Lemorris Harris
If you’ve been in the air-cooled VW hobby for a decent length of time, you’ve likely come across some of my artwork. I’ve been fiddling around with car art for the last couple of decades. The majority of drawings I do end up in the VW world because I own and drive a 1958 type 1 euro ragtop here in Tucson, AZ. I do any vehicle type though.

I started out many moons ago before computers were really a thing. My first published piece was in CARtoons Magazine back in 1991. As a result my process has evolved into kind of a combination of traditional and digital methods. Every piece starts as a pencil drawing that I then redraw on my old fashioned light table a few times to lock it down. Then I scan it and redraw it on the computer, most times in Photoshop.

My home-life is pretty mellow as my wife is also a fulltime artist, and one of my 2 kids is an accomplished character illustrator (the other kid went musical, plays 5 instruments and builds computers for fun).

In my “non car” art time I do video and multi-media design as well as event coordination and presentation/proposal work for a few big companies.

I’ve worked as a marketing director, screen printer, art instructor, animator and even did a term in the US Navy. All that means I have cool stories and a somewhat unique approach to my art.
I have many active social channels. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. My website is www.lemorris.com I have many videos showing the process of my art on my youTube channel, “Lem Harris Art Studio”.

Thank you for taking time to read my story.


Lemorris Harris Art Studio
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