World’s fastest VW van ‘Oklahoma Willy’ is rocket-powered and has a top speed of 300 mph.

The brain child of  custom car fanatic Perry Watkins the unique ride is the creation of Perry and Perrywinkle Customs.

The project took six years to from start to finish which is a long build but Perry was dedicated to Perry building a machine unlike anything before and if I’m correct he did just that. Perry first bought a Rolls Royce Viper 535 jet engine, originally made in 1978. He stripped it down, polishing everything in aluminum, taking about two years to complete.

Perry bought the VW pickup which had spent most of its life on a farm in Oklahoma, and he and Perrywinkle Customs spent 3 years on doing a ground up restore of the body and prepping a chassis to handle the immense thrust produced by the Rolls Royce engine. The top speed for the vehicle is 300 mph, although the fastest Perry has gone is 157 mph, an experience he describes as “exhilarating” but a “bit hairy”.

Check out further details at: http://www.oklahomawilly.co.uk/