Fast Fab “V-Gate” transaxle nose cone

Fast Fab “V-Gate” transaxle nose cone

If you’re really serious about getting your air cooled VW or VW/Mendeola transaxle equipped machine down the strip in Prime Time, one of the best ways to shave those fractions is to install a vertical gate shifter like this FAST FAB unit from Rancho Performance Transaxles.

Essentially the V-Gate mechanism converts the traditional “H” shift pattern to a straight up and back layout. Not really the hot ticket for street cars as down shifting requires a couple of extra movements, but the straight up gear transition is fast, positive and extremely effective in cutting your times at the track. Machined from solid billet and pre-fit with HP seals, Rancho offers the FAST FAB nose cones anodized in clear or black with application for both VW Type 1 and Mendeola 2D transaxles.

Each kit ships complete with all installation hardware and retails for just $295.00.

Note: Disassembly of transaxle is required in order to drill and tap the shift rails. Call your order direct to Rancho at 714-680-6737 or check out their Super Store on line at