83-91 Vanagon Transaxle

 83-91 Vanagon Transaxle

 83-91 Vanagon Transaxle

VW Vanagon transaxles require special attention to every detail, application specific parts and experienced hands. With nearly 4 decades experience dealing with every aspect of these specialty transaxles Rancho offers customers the finest Vanagon trans rebuild service in the industry.

Following disassembly and initial inspection cases and other re-useable components are thoroughly cleaned, closely inspected for wear and damage and magnufluxed when required. Reassembly includes the very highest quality new OEM and brand name aftermarket components including: OEM bearings, syncros, seals, slider hubs and ball sleeve. Additionally Weddle chromoly ¾ hub and steel mainshaft plate are fit. Rebuilds require customers to provide a “good re-buildable core.” Rebuild price $1,895.00.

Rebuild includes:

New OEM FAG and SKF Bearings

6 Rolax Bearings for Shift Rails

VW OEM 1-2 Slider with New Hub, 3 Dogs and Springs

VW OEM 3-4 Slider

Weddle C/M 3-4 Hub with 3 New Dogs and Springs

4 VW OEM Syncros

Gaskets and Seals

Sleeve M/S Bore (Gear Carrier)

Steel Main Shaft Bearing Retainer

New Cross Shaft Bushing

Weld Cross Shaft

Glass bead and inspect all parts

5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty.