Doesn’t get any better than Bob Margotti’s  1968 double cab and Eriba Puck trailer. Bob, a double cab die hard, has had many and says this is the nicest he’s ever had. It’s certainly one of the nicest we’ve come across. Like a true enthusiast, he uses this beauty for daily transportation and occasional hauling. On the weekends the duo takes on a totally different face as Bob uses it for travel and camping whenever possible. Sometime he will use the roof top tent in the bed for convenience or when running without the very cool trailer. There’s an 80 watt solar panel on the roof rack to power a Engle fridge. Additionally Bob gets a lot of use out of Westy propane tank set up for grilling and to operate the Propex heater. Bob says “I’ll drive it until it snows and then park it inside until things warm up. The worst part of having a nice bus in Ohio is looking at it in the garage all winter.”

I can only imagine what a crowd stopper it becomes when parked in a camp ground, and real head turner on the open road.

Bob originally sold a nice split double to purchase the ’68 and recently had the opportunity to purchase that double back at less than market value. He jumped on the chance and has a lot of plans for the rare split. We’re looking forward to seeing exactly what he has in mind. Do know it will be fit with a Rancho transaxle!  

Thanks Bob

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