TYPE 1 Billet Cable Shifter



New billet aluminum mid-engine cable shifter eliminates stress and vulnerability encountered when using the VW Nose Cone, while providing the same positive feel of the OEM hardware.  Nose cone is precision machined from billet aluminum and features a spring loaded reverse lockout built into the cover. It comes complete with everything except the cables, which you can custom order to fit your application. Installed is straight forward using common hand tools and without dismantling your transmission! Slight modification to the shift rail is necessary. An optional VW mounting adapter is available and bolts onto the rear plate of the shifter cover. The two holes on the bottom will pick up the stock VW nose cone mounting tab on the frame. The adapter plate is 3/8″ steel and the two holes are tapped for mounting. Mounting hardware for the plate is included with the adapter. Priced at $1150.00 Available for use with Type 1 Swing or IRS transaxles.