PBS Transaxles


Rancho is the industries one-stop-shop for the awesome PBS (RD4) transmission. Identified as “Medium Duty” transaxle, the RD4 is a rugged and durable transmission designed specifically to handle the stress and abuse common to sand buggy and other off-road vehicles. It is an H-Pattern, Dog Ring, non-syncro transmission with a massive Dana 60 based differential. Available in gear ratio configurations to meet individual requirements the RD4 can also be ordered with 930 or 934 flanges.

4 Speed Plus High Strength Reverse Gear

  • Internal Lockout
  • RD4 fit with US made Webster Racing Gears Straight Cut Cryogenically Tempered
  • PQH-4 and PQS-4 fit exclusively with the finest Weddle Industries Gearing
  • Weddle Industries Gears available
  • 930/934/935 Drive Flanges available
  • 85MM Shaft Spacing
  • Race Proven Dog Ring Engagement
  • VW – CHEVY LS – Subaru Bell Housings and Input Shafts
  • Proven Trouble Free Cable Shift
  • Shift Handle Assemblies Included

PBS (S4) / Rancho Sequential

The PBS (S4) transaxle is designed to be a rugged, reliable and cost effective unit using competition proven components and technology. Features 1” wide gears and 85MM shaft centers with replaceable dog face plates, Track and recreational proven Ratchet type sequential shift mechanism, designed manufactured and assembled by PBS.

Specifications 4-Speed Sequential;

  • 4 speed plus high strength reverse
  • Internal reverse lockout (requires neutral selection prior to reverse)
  • Output flange for 934/935 CV joints
  • 9.2” across CV flanges
  • Standard 9” bell housing
  • Dog clutch non-syncro gear engagement with replaceable 6-dog face plates on gears
  • Gear locations: 1st, 3rd, 4th and 2nd
  • 1” wide gears
  • 85mm shaft spacing
  • .7”wide reverse gears
  • Helical gears for 1st gear – 3.27, 3.09, 2.91
  • Helical 2nd, 3rd, 4th gears – 2.21, 2.14, 2.08, 1.93, 1.86, 1.75, 1.67, 1.59, 1.56, 1.50, 1.44, 1.37, 1.32, 1.26, 1.20, 1.14, 1.10, 1.04, 1.99,.96
  • Ring and Pinion Ratios – 4.13, 4.57, 4.86, 5.43
  • Sequential shift lever assembly included
  • Reverse cable operated shift lever included
  • All castings A356-T6 aluminum

PBS (H4)

The PBS (H-4) transaxle is the same as the sequential above, except that it uses an H pattern shift.

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