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Mendeola Transaxles

Rancho Performance Transaxles custom builds, rebuilds, services and repairs the finest and strongest transaxles in the world, such as our Mendeola lineup.

Here's a perfect transaxle for mild horsepower, long travel sand cars. Transaxle includes 5.14 ring and pinion, your choice of 1st through 4th gear ratios. LAT Racing Gear Oil included.

Popular choice with long travel sand cars running the LS1 package. Comes standard with 5.14 ring and pinion. Optional Weddle 4.13, 4.63, 4.86, 5.14, 5.43 and 5.86 available. standard. Your choice of 1st through 4th gear ratios. LAT Racing Gear Oil included.

Developed for serious drag racing vehicles, the MD4 DRAG is offered with 4.11 or 4.86 ring and pinion, your choice of Weddle 1st through 4th gear ratios, swing axle aluminum spool with syncro or Pro-Shift configuration. LAT Racing Gear Oil included.
MD4E $6,495 / MD2D $7,495

Perfect dual purpose 5-Speed for sand and dirt, pre-runners and desert cars. Choose from 4.86, 5.14 or 5.43, 10" ring and pinion ratios. Weddle 1st - 5th gears. Mid or rear engine applications. LAT Racing Gear Oil included.

Big horsepower, long travel buggies and desert vehicles, here's your trans. Available in 4 and 5-speed models. Equipped with your choice of 4.63 or 4.86 Weddle 10" ring and pinion. Weddle S4 or S5 gear sets and 934 drive flanges. Use in mid or rear engine application. LAT Racing Gear Oil included.

This is a serious, extreme duty off road racing and long travel high horsepower buggy transaxle. The S4S features a massive11.5" ring and pinion with your choice 4.37, 4.63 or 4:88 ratios. Weddle S4 gear set with 934 or Series 30 drive flanges. For use in mid and rear engine vehicles. LAT Racing Gear Oil included.

Mendeola's HD-4 is the Big Dog on the block. This transaxle is designed for the most severe conditions encountered in off road racing. Fit with a brutal 13" 4.86 ring and pinion, Mendeola's specially designed gears, Series drive flanges and a massive application specific case.
Please call 1.800.304.8726 for pricing

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